About Miss Mare’s

Our Mission

To create a safe and healthy environment where our dancers are taught proper technique, hard work and dedication. We do not condone discrimination of any kind based on color, or sex. Our students are treated equally and fairly and all are welcome through our doors.

Our Director

Maryann Janezic (Miss Mare) has been dancing since she was five and was a competition kid herself. Maryann continued training during college at Broadway Dance Center and took classes throughout college. She graduated from Monmouth University in 1998. She purchased the studio from her previous dance teacher and employer in 2010. The love of the art of dance has been with her since she was a child, and she has passed it onto her own daughter. Maryann believes there must be fun in every dance lesson and hopes that her students take away not only proper dance technique, but also excitement and take joy in returning to their next class.

Masking is optional in our studio for the 2021-2022 dance season.  We continue with our cleaning protocols as well as having hand sanitizer readily available in the studio.  Your child’s health and safety are important to us.